My buddy Max from the Ukraine suggested that he and I do a coordinated exercise video for the New Year.  He suggested we work the video around the numbers associated with the end of the year, 12, 31, 20, 12.  We talked back and forth about it, even hooking up for a Florida to Ukraine Skype connection to talk about it.

We came up with doing a total of 12 muscle ups, 31 dips, 20 pull ups and a set of 31 push ups, a 12 second hold, 20 more push ups followed by another 12 second hold.  We agreed we would both shoot our own footage and I would mix it together.

Max is much more advanced than I am in calisthenics so I knew it was going to be hard for me to complete some of the sets like the 31 deep, full ROM dips and the push ups with holds mixed in.  I was hard pressed to get it done before the year expired but I got this posted a few hours before 2013 was rung in.  If I had more time to spend on the editing it would be better but it was fun to do regardless.

538511_10152011013167841_712821838_n[1]I did my first 5K race in more than a year on New Year’s Day.  I was very surprised that even with the lack of a regular running schedule I posted my fastest 5K time ever.

I attribute the result to my improved overall fitness level thanks to calisthenics and being pulled along by a desire to not be beaten by a very fast 75 year old runner.  🙂

The first Bar-barian forums challenge of the new year has been posted, called The Resolution.  It is based on some suggestions given to me both by Fletch and Makc.  It has a little bit of something for everyone.

Normal Mode – Maximum push ups in two minutes. Keep doing push ups for two minutes. You can “rest” in the top plank position but you can not raise the a$$ or have your knees touch the ground for the entire two minute period. Bar-baric push up form required, chest to ground with full extension at the top.

Hard Mode – 15 second pull ups. Pull to top position (chin over bar) and hold it 5 seconds, drop to middle position (top of head pressed against bar) and hold for 5 seconds, drop to hang position and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat. As soon as your feet hit the ground the attempt is over.

The biggest issue with this challenge is making SURE your holds are at least 5 seconds. If you just count in your head to five I can guarantee you will wind up being short on your hold. Either count longer or have someone call out the 5 seconds for you. If your hold in any position is short the attempt officially ends there.

Bar-baric Mode – Muscle Up/Bar Dip/Pull up circuit. Do one muscle up, once on top of the bar do a bar dip, drop down and do a pull up, repeat. Scoring is on a point system, 3 points per muscle up, 2 points per pull ups, 1 point per bar dip. Your attempt ends when you leave the bar. No one arm muscle ups will be allowed in this challenge.