Saturday, 11:45 PM – “Sure I’ll get up and run, need to burn off all these beer calories anyway”

Sunday, 7:53 AM – “Eh I feel like shit, there is no way I am running”

Sunday, 8:15 AM – “I don’t feel quite so bad after my Pop Tarts.  I really should run for Mudder training”

Sunday, 8:23 AM – “It’s only 66 degrees outside??!!  Man that is great to run in, ok I am going to do it”

Sunday, 9:17 AM – “I’m only 100 strides into the run and feel like shit.  I have an hour to go, I could still just stop and walk back”

Sunday, 9:17:30 AM – “Don’t you DARE stop. Don’t be a pussy.”

Sunday 10:15 AM – 10K complete