Long before I got real serious into bar/bodyweight/calistehnics type exercise I was into another variety of activity, volleyball.  For a good decade or so of my life volleyball was my sole focus when it came to active recreational activity.  There was period of time where I was playing 3-4 times a week.

Well because of things like travel time, costs and injury, my amount of time playing volleyball over the last several years has dwindled to just above nothing.  The last time I played was late in June 2011.

Well I picked up the ball this past weekend for my first tournament of 2012.  I was quite pleased that despite not touching a ball in almost a year, I was still able to step out on the court and perform at a decent level.

Much like my decent success in running/triathlon events, I feel I owe it to my bodyweight training.

Since I started getting serious about bar training a few years ago. I dropped a bunch of weight while gaining functional strength.  These changes seem to allow me to participate in other sporting activities and perform better than expected when taking into consideration the relative lack of attention these other activities receive.

Despite playing in temps hovering around 90 degrees on Saturday I don’t recall ever feeling significantly winded in the least.  I guess the best way to describe it is my body now feels efficient, which helps me in any physical activity, pull up related or not.

That being said I am feeling a bit beat up in the aftermath of the tournament, especially the toes on my left foot.  I smashed them into the side of another player’s foot at the net.  They look broken but I think they are actually intact.