So like many in the bar community, I saw lots of coverage of the 2012 Workout Fest in the Ukraine.  The event had a huge Bar-barian group attending, I think I read a total of 11 were Bar-barians there, including Jay, Lee and Sai from the U.K.  Calisthenics/bar work/body weight exercise is HUGE in the Ukraine and the crowds for the event showed it.  It looked like just an awesome day.

Seeing the amazing physical feats and the excitement surrounding it really helped give me a bit of a kick in the ass as far as my body weight exercise work goes.  It isn’t like I ever stopped but I sort of lost focus when I stopped progressing on my quest for the BBR’s.  It seemed like I hit a point where I just wasn’t getting any better and was hurting myself to boot.

Yesterday I did my first 50/100 (50 pull ups, 100 push ups for time) in a little while and sucked some major wind in doing so.  It still felt good to get one under my belt.

The June challenge for the forums has been posted, it is another Iron Lou creation so you know it will be tough.

I sent a message to Zef asking if maybe we could get some of the NYC Bar-barians to post a monthly challenge video now and then.  I have been asked a few times why we don’t see the crew show up on the forums much at all.  I think it would be a good way to let everyone know they are keeping an eye on what goes down on the forums as well as providing motivation for others to push themselves towards the very high bar the Bar-barians set.