I made one last attempt at hard mode of this month’s Bar-barian challenge, flying pull ups.  This was the same thing that ripped my right hand open earlier in the month when I stupidly chalked the bar and my hands.  I managed to get 18 reps this time although the last 2 or 3 were pretty anemic.

I’d like to take a shot at increasing my clapping push ups total but both of my elbows are very sore.

I hopped on my parallel bars to try a couple things like a bent arm planche, elbow planches and a odd looking attempt to press to a hand stand that never got there.  It all looked like a pretty big mess so I didn’t even bother to post the video.

I finally got to utilize my new roller last night.  To be honest I was kind of avoiding it just because I know it is painful.  Well it was indeed painful, especially rolling out my IT bands which involved a lot of grimacing and grunting.  However when I was done the lower half of my body did feel better which is the point after all.

Since I started learning the elbow planche a few weeks ago I have pulled it out as a party trick.  It is a move that looks more physically impressive than it is.

I pulled it out at a Memorial Day picnic by the gulf.  I would really like to progress on these type of holds (and handstands) but a combination of nagging aches and pains and shortage of time to devote to exercise are slowing me down.