So I threw my new Fat Gripz in my gym bag on Tuesday.  It was bi/tri day so I figured that was a perfect time to see how the blue beasts do on barbells and dumbbells.

I did my bicep work first, using the gripz on every exercise.  I IMMEDIATELY felt a big difference in the movements.  The diameter I was gripping had to be at least 3 inches.  My forearms were under constant tension, even when the weights were at my side.  I had to be squeezing all the time.

In no time my forearms were burning.  I let a couple of the guys try a few reps with the gripz on and they all were impressed in the increase of difficulty by just slapping a piece of rubber on the bar.

Attaching and removing the grips from barbells and dumbbells was very easy.  I even used them on a handle for a cable machine to do tricep extensions.

By the time I was done with my session my forearms were torched.  I am very pleased with my Fat Gripz.  They will be a regular workout partner from here on out.