I did another 50/100 set before my normal gym workout and I knocked over 90 seconds off my time from Tuesday. (6:26)  It really makes me think I inadvertently did extra reps on Tuesday, it isn’t normal to have that much improvement otherwise.

I did some dragon flags as well for the ab portion of my work out.  I am definitely improving in the movement, in fact today was the first time I was ever able to touch my heels to the floor and get back to a vertical position.

The key to doing better with this very difficult exercise was utilizing my ENTIRE body.  I realized that in the past when I did dragon flags I was using my arms, my abs/core and legs but not tensing up my chest/pecs.  I have a pretty strong chest region so neglecting to utilize it doing dragon flags was dumb.

Since I have started to focus on using my chest as well I feel much stronger in the movement even though it still will make you feel like your eyes are popping out of your head. (just ask Lou)  Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be knocking out high rep counts of DF’s anytime soon but I think I am at least doing the exercise with proper form at this point.

I’ll have to make a Bar-baric mode attempt for this month’s challenge and see how it looks.