On Sunday I knocked off one of my physical goals of 2012, crushing my 2 hour half marathon goal, finishing in 1:55:17.  That time was in spite of some very unfavorable race conditions including a 20 minute downpour and high winds.

I was very pumped as you can guess.

My past year or so of body weight training was a big contributor to my race result.  Not only has my body weight training allowed me to make my body more efficient with a much better weight to muscle mass ratio it also has helped train my mind.  Running 13 miles requires mental toughness, knowing I have knocked out a number of body weight exercise goals in the past year definitely helped push me along.

It felt great to set and eclipse what for me was a pretty daunting goal.

If you would like to read my full recap of the race you can do so on my regular blog, here.