One skill I have worked off and on ever since there was a Bar-barian challenge involving it is the one handed static hold with a chin up grip.  You basically do a chin up and then release one hand and hold yourself up there for as long as you can.  It is also a progression towards being able to do a true one handed pull/chin up which takes TREMENDOUS strength.

Well I never had much luck holding myself up there.  Whenever I would try the move I would drop immediately, not able to slow gravity’s pull for even a moment.  A month or so ago I tried the move again and was encouraged I could at least delay my descent for a split second before dropping.

Well last night I grabbed on to the Iron Gym and released my left hand after pulling up over the bar.  I was shocked that I remained in the air for a few seconds.  I had to pull out the Flip cam to document the feat since if it isn’t on video, it didn’t happen.  Again I could suspend my self via one arm for a few ticks of the clock.

I tried to duplicate the move with my left hand but was unable to do so.  I guess my left side is lagging behind a bit in strength levels.  Regardless I was quite excited to pull off yet another first.

When I went outside with the dogs I tried a move I saw Lee do during their very well done Part Two of his and Jay’s London bar parks tour.

Lee sat on the ground at the base of a high bar and pulled himself up to the cross bar using upper body strength only.  I looked at my 13 foot high bar and realized it would be perfect for this type of exercise.  I was able to also pull myself up the pipe to the cross bar using arms only, albeit in a much less graceful manner than Lee did.  I wasn’t very pleased when the first thing my hand encountered on the cross bar was fresh pile of bird shit.

The pipe climb is a great training movement working your back, arms and grip very hard.  I want to include it in my arsenal of regular movements.