I have read about the 5 minute warm up that some of the Bar-barians do, including Zef.  Zef’s “warm ups” make me laugh because when I try them I wind up feeling spent, not warmed up. 🙂

So anyway the 5 minute warm up is supposed to be 50 pull ups and 100 push ups broken into however may sets you want, as long as you can do it all in under 300 seconds.

My concern going in was if I try to hit big numbers in my sets early I would gas later and be taking breaks that I didn’t have time to take. I decided I was going to break it into 10 sets of 5 pull ups followed by 10 push ups.

Halfway through the attempt (25 pull ups/50 push ups) I was at the 2:20 mark.  Unfortunately as one would expect as the reps got higher the sets went slower.  I didn’t take any appreciable break between any of the sets but my slower rep pace and all of those transitions added up.  I wound up finishing the 150 reps at almost exactly the 7 minute mark, mildly disappointing.

Still in the big picture doing that many pull ups and push ups in that short of a time period is a good showing, something I definitely could not have done a year ago.

The next time I try it I obviously am going to have to do some bigger sets.  With only 5 minutes there is just no time for 20 transitions. (as Sai predicted)