So it’s been a rather tumultuous 6-8 weeks in regards to my normal and preferred fitness routines.  It all basically went in the shitter.  First we had our 10 day road trip. Then I rolled into a very heavy work schedule which did not allow me most days to take my normal one hour gym lunch break.  We then dealt with the prep and aftermath of Hurricane Irma which left us without power for nine days. Finally, when we did come back to work I was immediately once again thrust into a hectic work environment that left no time for lunch hours.  Finally, I think I am emerging from that tunnel.

Now during all of this down time I had plenty of unconventional exercise like doing endless hours of prep, teardown and remediation from the CAT 4 hurricane.  When I weighed myself yesterday I was 5 or 6 pounds down from my pre-hurricane weight.  I’m not sure if it was water, fat, or muscle weight that left my body.

Of course I did chest on my first day back at the gym as chest and back are the two most important muscle groups in my world.  My decline smith bench numbers were surprisingly good considering my lack of gym attendance during the tail end of summer.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Decline smith bench press – 110lbs x 12, 160lbs x 10, 200lbs x 5, 220lbs x 3, 250lbs x 1, 200lbs x 8, 160lbs x 15, 110lbs x 20

Dumbbell pull over – 55lbs x 10, 65lbs x 10