Shot in the back

478629005_XS[1]Since my long bear crawl on Saturday I have had two instances where I had what I assume were back spasms, right around my left shoulder blade.  The first time was Sunday when I was simply stretching both arms overhead.  This morning it happened again when I was bending down to reach for something.    Both times it felt like I was stabbed in the area, taking my breath away and making it hard to breathe for a short duration.  For the next few minutes I walked around with my left arm tucked in until the pain got milder.

The pain this morning was super intense, bad enough that I thought going to the gym might be out of the question.  Although I could still feel a dull ache in the region it didn’t stop from doing much at the gym including chin ups, dips, along with other bicep/tricep weighted work.  For now I will just assume it is a byproduct of doing bear crawls at nearly 48 years old.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

15 chin ups

15 dips

10 chin ups

15 dips

10 chin ups

15 dips

Concentration dumbbell curl – 30lbs x 10

Skull crusher tricep extension – 60lbs x 12

Concentration dumbbell curl – 40lbs x 8

Skull crusher tricep extension – 80lbs x 8

Concentration dumbbell curl – 50lbs x 3

Skull crusher tricep extension – 100lbs x 2

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