Sweat2_ys[1]Today my training brick was a combo I have done before, running and rowing.  However it was the first time I did the combo after a day of decent lower body resistance training.  The run felt ok, even with me putting in over 4.5 miles on the track on Sunday.  The row did not feel good.  I felt uncomfortable pretty much the entire ten minutes.  The weight training really seemed to sap my rowing power.

Last night at home I got my first after work calisthenics training in of 2015, doing a total of 50 pull ups while the chickens were out running around.  It’s not a huge number but a solid start to what I hope is a rebound year.

Today’s Workout 

Run/Row Brick

20 minutes on treadmill – 2.17 miles covered

10 minutes Concept 2 rower – 2187 meters covered