broken_mirror[1]So I already was having a pretty stressful morning so when I pulled into the parking garage at the Wellness Center I wasn’t looking to add to it.  I swung into a space that had vehicles parked on either side that had their tires on the white lines designating the edge of their parking space.  It was a tight fit and I was a little crooked so I figured I would back out and recenter myself.

As I am slowly backing up, making sure nobody is coming down the lane I hear a very bad sounding crack.  I look forward and see the noise is the end result of my driver side mirror making contact with the Kia SUV’s mirror which was jutting out due to it’s on the line parking position compounded by the vehicle being backed in which put the mirror even further into harms way.

My mirror, despite being a moveable variety cracked majorly with various pieces of glass falling out.  Evidently it reached the end of it’s range of motion.  The Kia mirror was also moveable but it appeared to be able to bend 180 degrees in either direction before encountering resistance.  It did not have a scratch on it as I moved it back into position.

I then went about picking up the pieces of broken mirror on the ground while cursing myself.  Yes the position the Kia was parked was a factor in why my Tacoma had intimate contact with it’s mirror but the bottom line is I shouldn’t have clipped it.  Luckily a quick search on the internet will have a new mirror at my front door on Wednesday for less than the cost of going to the movies.

I took a totally unconventional approach to my Monday workout.  I was already stressed out so I didn’t feel like putting much thought into my session.  I hopped on the treadmill and did a simple elevation pyramid.  I set the belt speed at 3.5mph and started walking, raising the elevation every 2 minutes.  I have done this pyramid before and it gets quite tough at higher elevations because of course I am not holding on at all, using just my balance and lower body thrust to keep me on the belt.

I have been on treadmills that max elevations of anywhere between 12-15 degrees.  After I completed my 2 minutes at 12.5 degrees I held down the up button, figuring it would stop at 15.  Well instead it kept going all the way up to 18 degrees.  That was a bitch to maintain for two minutes, let me tell you.  In total to go through all the up and down elevations took me just under a half hour.

Today’s Workout

Treadmill pyramid – all done at 3.5 mph belt speed – each elevation maintained for two minutes – no holding on!

2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12.5%, 15%, 18%, 14%, 10%, 8%, 6%, 4%, 2%