funny_run_bike_run_duathlon_duathletes_du_it_postcard-rc0e2ed4387394612b807b1173d106232_vgbaq_8byvr_512[1]So I decided to resume my mid-week, lunchtime mini-bricks which consist of 20 minutes of running on the treadmill followed by 10 minutes of riding the stationary bike.  The duration of each exercise will remain the same week to week, the goal is to increase the distance covered during those 30 sweaty minutes.

Early on the running was not feeling very comfortable due to second day soreness creeping in from Tuesday’s dead lifts.  Eventually as my body temperature climbed I loosened up but I would not say I ever felt comfortable during the run.

Today’s Workout

Run/Bike Brick

20 minute run – distance covered 2.10 miles

10 minute bike – distance covered 3.32 miles

Total distance – 5.42 miles in 30 minutes