no_motivation[1]I have been less than consistent documenting my gym visits lately.  The reason is I am not happy with them.  I never realized that dealing with a hemorrhoid would not only be irritating for obvious reasons but also a motivation vacuum.  When just taking a step can cause you discomfort you find that maintaining focus while exercising is difficult.

Yesterday I made an attempt at a leg day doing a few squats, a few deadlifts along with some leg curls and extensions.  Of course there are warnings that anything that creates strain can be detrimental to my condition so I was conservative.  Plus when I was doing my deep, in the bucket squats I once again felt that uncomfortable pull/weakness in my upper left hamstring.

Today I got to the gym late and again felt my motivation meter reading at red levels.  I muddled through bicep and tricep work, trying to use heavier weight to allow for less reps.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

15 Full ROM dips

Standing barbell curl (curl bar close grip) 50lbs x 10

45 pound weighted dips x 8

Standing barbell curl (curl bar close grip) 70lbs x 8

70 pound weighted dips x 4

Standing barbell curl (curl bar close grip) 90lbs x 6

85 pound weighted dip x 1

Standing barbell curl (curl bar close grip) 110lbs x 2

Standing overhead tricep extension (curl bar close grip) 30 lbs x 12, 50lbs x 10, 70lbs x 8

4 mins A2G hold