DeepSquats[1]I have a couple things going on health-wise that are steering me clear of doing anything involving really heavy weights.  I also missed yesterdays gym session (second miss this week) so I wound up just throwing various movements together.

Although I do a lot of wall handstand holds I have not done much if any practice of free standing handstands.  It doesn’t make sense because one of my long term goals has been to hold a nice controlled handstand.   I think I don’t like doing them because of the rampant amount of failure.  Plus I am less than graceful at times exiting a handstand although I can usually avoid the massively embarrassing and painful back flop.

I did hold one for maybe 2-3 seconds.  I need to get off the wall and just work more without a net.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

10 high pull ups

Barbell squat (chest to thigh depth) 135lbs x 8 x 3 sets

Chin up 4’s progression ( 4 reps first half of movement, 4 reps second half of movement, 4 full ROM) x 3 sets

Free standing handstand attempts, varying duration, none exceeding three seconds

Stagger dips (weight is shifted to alternating hands at bottom of each rep) x 10

6 minutes of A2G hold time