a2gFor awhile I have been posting random observations from my daily gym workouts on FB.  My 25 years of going to gyms has given me a lot experience in both picking out and describing funny, annoying, or stupid behavior that often goes on.

Yesterday someone criticized my doing so, implying it was mean spirited and that I was putting people down to make myself “look good”.  That’s funny but unfortunately totally incorrect.  I simply make observations and have a moderate amount of skill describing what I am seeing.

I am never the type to push workout advice upon others unsolicited. (like this FB poster felt obliged to do for me)  If someone asks me for info or help I am happy to offer it.  That being said if you are doing something comical, I am going to notice it.  I have no doubt fellow gym goers have done double takes at some of the silly things I do while there.  It goes with the territory.  People need to stop wasting so much time being offended.

Last night I took my first shot at holding a deep ass to grass squat, or as close as I can get to it.  For a couple weeks I saw some of my FB friends posting pics of themselves in this hold but I wasn’t sure why.  It turns out it is part of an Ido Portal challenge to do 30 minutes of A2G a day for 30 days.  This position is all about opening up lower body flexibility in the back, hips, legs and knees, something I definitely need.

The first couple holds I tried last night were brutal.  The tension in my right knee made each 1 minute hold feel much longer.  In total I did 6 minutes of hold last night.  Each one minute of A2G felt a tiny bit less painful than the last. My biggest issue is I can feel I shift my weight more towards my left side where my “good” knee is.  Ideally I can push it back to the right so my weight distribution is truly balanced.

I have continued the 1 minute sessions today, incorporating it into my gym routine as well.  Right now I am at 16 minutes for the day.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

seven 1 minute A2G squat holds were mixed in between my other exercises

3 x 60 sec belly to wall handstand static holds (narrow, normal, wide hand position)

3 sets of 5 tuck lever lifts with 3 second hold at top (narrow normal, wide hand position)

10 scalpula pull ups