My right knee is still swollen from my 10K run on Saturday unfortunately so squatting was out of the picture this week.  I still wanted to try to do deadlifting since the movement doesn’t require as much bending of the knees.

I mixed things up a bit, instead of doing a 5x5x5 at a static number I did 5 reps at 325, 2 reps at 345 and one painful rep at 365 that felt like it was way too much back.

My leg ext/curl numbers were down as well due to my troublesome knee.


Today’s Workout

5 minute cardio/stretching

15 prisoner squats

Barbell deadlift

135 pounds x 10 reps

225 pounds x 10 reps

275 pounds x 6 reps

325 pounds x 5 reps

345 pounds x 2 reps

365 pounds x 1 rep

Leg extension 115 pounds x 10 reps (2 sets)

Leg curl 110 pounds x 10 reps (2 sets)

Standing calf raise 265 pounds x 10 reps