Not much to report.  I missed the gym yesterday due to a problem at work and today, as part of my calm before the storm Tough Mudder plan I just did 30 minutes of moderately hard cardio on a cross trainer.

Last night I did make one last attempt at this month’s BB challenges.  I thought I had a good shot at increasing my normal mode hang by using a different technique, a closer grip.

hhangbothThe thought process was if my hands are closer together it will allow me to pull my elbows lower and tighter to my body.  Well when that theory was put into use it fell flat.  My body was at an odd angle for most of the attempt and the closer hand position didn’t allow me to recruit the full use of my back muscles to keep me up there.  I wound up dropping off 10 seconds sooner than my first attempt.

With hardly any break I moved right onto the one hand dead hang, hoping anger about my first attempt would help me do better with another.  I dropped off around 57 seconds and thought I smashed my old time.  For some reason I had it in my head the first time I tried the one hand hang I held for 40 some seconds.  Nope, 1:09.

So both attempts were significantly off my first go around.  At least my costume provided some degree of entertainment.