My exercise schedule has been all out of whack for about a month due to the holidays, traveling and my dad visiting.  One of the exercise casualties during this time has been my legs, I haven’t done any weighted leg work since 2012. Yesterday I decided to dip my toe back in.

I hopped in the squat rack and did a couple sets with only 135 pounds on the bar.  My legs felt weak but I forced myself to go as deep as my knees would allow me.  I then added a 25 pound plate to each side.

I went down for rep one, again as deep as I could.  At the bottom of the movement it felt like every muscle fiber in my hamstrings and ass creaked and stretched at the same time. It was like my entire lower body was on the verge of one big cramp.  I pushed back up and and racked the bar.  My legs felt shaky after just that one “heavy” rep which is crazy.

Much like dragon flags, if I don’t do leg work every week, I pay the price when I resume the movements.  Today it feels like I have legs that should be attached to someone 6 inches shorter, they are that tight.

The good news is starting next week my workout schedule should get back on it’s normal path.