So today I began my new (almost) calisthenics only training as opposed to utilizing free weights and machines as a big part of my fitness program.  Today was shoulders and abs day.  My shoulder work went like this after starting with a set of 55 push ups (BBR number):

3 static wall handstand holds 45-60 seconds, one on fists, one with fingers facing in opposite directions, one with finger facing each other.

I wanted something that would imitate a shoulder shrug.  I wound up doing an inverted version on the Smith machine.  I brought the bar to about chest height when standing and then hung myself upside down, using the braces above to keep my legs in place.  This was very challenging and felt like a shrug on steroids.

I did a set of 5 reps of skin the cat, starting from a dead hang to STC position and back again.  That works your shoulders along with a bunch other things.

I once again utilized the Smith machine to do some static holds with straight arms with my body at various angles, trying to focus on using my shoulders to control the hold.

Finally I did inverted V style push ups (not sure the correct term for them)  Basically you bend over from the waist (legs straight) and touch the ground, walking your hands as far forward as necessary based on your flexibility and strength level.

The closer your hands are to your feet, the more difficult the move is.  You then lower your head towards the floor and push back up, in a manner similar to a HSPU.  Concentrating on keeping your elbows tighter to your body (as opposed to flared out) is the proper form and makes the movement tougher.

By the time I was done my shoulders were torched.  My lats were burning as well.

For the ab part of my workout (although a lot of the shoulder stuff utilized abs too), I did some dragon flags, L seat kick outs and trunk rotations.

I can honestly say this is the most spent my shoulder area has felt after shoulder day.  I have a feeling I am going to be incredibly sore tomorrow.  So much so that a Friday Ray’s Way might need to be postponed.