For a very long time my body weight was hanging down right at the 170 mark, even dipping into the 160’s if I would weigh myself in the morning.  I liked keeping my body weight low because in my head, weighing less means being more efficient at body weight exercises.  Having less to pull or push should mean I can perform better.

Being that light at 6’3″ wasn’t exactly a great look for me, I saw a bunch of pictures of myself where I looked gaunt, something I don’t really want.

Well over the last few months my body weight has now settled in around between 175-179 pounds.  When I started seeing those numbers I was not happy as I always assume if I am gaining weight it must be fat instead of muscle.  Of course without an accurate body fat analysis or diligent measurements with a tape measure, I don’t have an easy way to know for sure.

Well despite my added “girth” this week I have done multiple sets of pull ups in the 20+ range, getting sets of 21, 22, and 22 the last three days.  I had not gone past 20 reps since my 25 rep effort in late April.

I have also been feeling pretty strong doing my dips and push ups that I interject into various lunch time work outs, getting 55 push ups multiple times as well as dip numbers higher than my recent norm.

What does this all mean exactly?  I am not sure.  This sudden strength boost could be due to some added muscle that is able to more than accommodate the extra pounds.  It also could be that random energy boost I seem to get on a monthly basis depending on where we are in the moon cycle.

Well whatever the cause of my better numbers, I plan to put it to the test today, hoping to break through at my 2nd attempt of Ray’s Way at the 19/9/24 level.