So yesterday I made my second attempt at the program I have now named “Ray’s Way” (I like to name things).  The way it works is once you successfully complete all 5 rounds at certain rep numbers twice, you then add reps on the next attempt.

This was my second go at five rounds of  18 dips, 8 pull ups and 23 push ups.  It was once again a pretty epic struggle, especially in round 5.  The last 3 or 4 dips and push ups are right on the edge of failure.  As I did my last few push ups my legs were shaking.  However I did successfully complete the circuit with 8 seconds left, an improvement from the 1 second the first time through.

I am considering only upping my reps by one based on how much of a struggle it was for me.  Even small bumps in per set reps add up to significant numbers overall.  Even if I only go up to 19,9,24 it will add up to 15 more reps over the 5 rounds.

I definitely like this routine as it hammers away at the biggest obstacle in my quest for the BBR’s, recovery in between exercises.