When I got into doing body weight exercise several years ago it was inspired from watching others doing incredible things on the bars via endless YouTube videos.  Despite being right around 40 years old at the time I decided I wanted to pursue this as well despite  the bar scene being dominated by people that are considerably younger than myself.

I have gotten many things from my work on the bars, an improved physique, a better outlook and a sense of pride in my accomplishments are just a few.  Well  things have started to come full circle.

If you are reading this, you more than likely have seen some of my numerous videos that detail my journey in improving at body weight movements.  My videos are kind of unique as I do a lot more talking in them than what you typically see in the genre.  I try to express what is going through my head when it comes to some of my triumphs and struggles on the bar.  It seems like some people actually kind of like that.

Despite a skill set that is definitely not all that impressive  I have become relatively well known in the bar community because of my weird videos and my participation running contests in the Bar-barian forums.  It’s sort of strange.

Well anyway I mentioned about coming full circle.  One of the things that I really like is when somebody gets little nuggets from my videos and uses it as part of their journey to accomplish a new feat or skill.  I just had that happen again today.

Chris is a guy very much like me (49), an older guy that fell in love with body weight work and more specifically, focused on pulling off a muscle up, something I targeted for a couple years. (he has been trying for 8 months) He has commented on a bunch of my videos and communicated with me several times about them, looking for advice on getting his first muscle up at just under the half century mark of years on the planet.

Well yesterday he finally pulled it off, it was great.  After he triumphantly got off the bar with the sounds of his family cheering him on he took some time to outline his experience, thanking several people along the way, including me.  I was touched and thought that was awesome.

My experience with the bar community has been nothing but a bright shining light in my life that often finds itself shadowed by other dark aspects of my personality.  Being able to help motivate others to push themselves to achieve new personal bests is a great thing and only motivates me to keep going.  We all feed off each others accomplishments, it is a very healthy and positive cycle.

Seeing Chris get his first muscle up has now put a fire in my belly to go out and get better at my own muscle ups, it’s awesome how it works.

Way to go Chris.