I am not sure what it is with old men and why some of them feel so compelled to be nude for prolonged periods of time in a locker room.   Today before my workout I walked in to take a leak which routes me through the locker room.  Butt naked in front of the mirror is an old man drying his hair.  It wasn’t important to dry his body first, no, he needed to get straight to blowing drying, naked.

A clear pattern was established when I walked back out to see the man was done drying his hair and now was getting dressed.  However like a normal person, he did not opt to put on his underwear first.  Instead he was putting on his shirt, leaving his bottom half flapping in the wind a few more precious moments for the world to see. WTF….

My back/shoulder routine went well.  My lingering illness left me breathing heavy after every set but I trudged along.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

40 push ups

Lat pull down – 180lbs x 10

Seated Cybex shoulder press – 100lbs x 10

Lat pull down – 200lbs x 8

Seated Cybex shoulder press – 120lbs x 8

Lat pull down – 210lbs x 6

Seated Cybex shoulder press – 140lbs x 6

Bent over dumbbell row – 65lbs x 10

Rear delt fly – 70lbs x 10

Bent over dumbbell row – 70lbs x 10

Rear delt fly – 80lbs x 10

Bent over dumbbell row – 75lbs x 10

Rear delt fly – 90lbs x 10

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