Not bad even with a hint

I had a miserable night of sleep thanks to the sensation of junk draining down the back of my throat.  I am hoping dearly to not have some sort of illness setting in.  I have a colonoscopy scheduled this Friday and the last thing I want is to have to push it off as I just want the procedure in my rear view mirror, pun intended.

I thought it could possibly affect my pushing strength today for chest day but I still got two 45’s and a 25 per side up and down without a huge problem.  I’m going to keep pushing ahead as if nothing is wrong and hope that is the end result.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Smith bench – 105lbs x 10, 155lbs x 8, 195lbs x 1, 235lbs x 1, 245lbs x 1, 195lbs x 8, 195lbs x 7, 155lbs x 13

Dumbbell pull overs – 55lbs x 10, 60lbs x 10, 70lbs x 10, 70lbs x 10

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