So Cindy and I did our track 5K over the weekend and as seems to usually be the case, it was a struggle due to heat, humidity and the fact my body just does not really like running.  Running normally involves a lot of mental endurance too as you have silent internal conversations with yourself to help push you along the way.  With a run around the track it can get even more maddening because you know exactly how far you have gone and how many laps are left to go.  So if you are feeling like shit on lap 4 of 12, it’s hard to feel optimistic.

So when I run the track I give myself little mini-milestones to help break up the challenge.  The first one comes at lap 4, meaning I have a mile under my belt and I should be pretty much completely warmed up by this point.   Lap 5 is pegged as a significant lap as well but I’m not sure why other than it means I am well underway into the misery.  Lap 6 means I am halfway done and lap 8 means I only have a mile to go.

Completing lap 8 is a big deal.  When I complete this lap my mind always flips to the three half marathons I completed and how great it felt to only have one mile left.  It is replaying that feeling that pushes me through those last four laps, every time.  I have no idea how long my body will continue to allow me to run a weekly 5K but I’ll push it right to the edge because if I don’t, death wins.

So today was a milestone in my Planet Fitness return, I decline pressed a fake 275 pounds (250) on the smith machine.  For the second week in a row I was able to secure a smith AND the ab slant board which allows me to lock my legs in.  I could tell early on I was feeling pretty good as the reps at lighter weights went pretty smoothly.  The 250 pounds that was the more realistic number on the bar was still a high water mark.  During the last day of Retro’s existence I had gotten all the way up to 245 pounds on decline bench but never could hit 250.

I followed up with light dumbbell pull overs, the same movement that caused me instant severe pain when I hurt my right side doing dragon flags.  I was able to do them but during the last set I felt a slight tweak that resulted in a dull ache right now.  It’s nowhere near as severe as the original injury but it’s a good reminder that things are still not as they should be.

Below are fake bench totals because they look more impressive, if you want the actual number subtract 25 pounds. 🙂

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Smith decline bench press – 135lbs x 12, 185lbs x 10, 225lbs x 5, 245lbs x 1, 275lbs x 1, 225lbs x 8, 185lbs x 12

Dumbbell pull over – 55lbs x 10 x 3