Remember earlier in the week when I patted myself on the back for not trying a 1RM deadlift when my knee was hurting?  Well I am back to being dumb again.

I have not done dragon flags for months.  You may recall the last few times I did some at Retro before it shut down I always had to cut the reps short because of a sharp pain in my right side.

I hadn’t even thought about dragon flags at Retro because there was no good place to use as an anchor point originally. Well as part of the renovation they installed a 1.5″ pipe along the back wall which is just about perfect.  I figured I may as well give it a test run.

So I got through my first set of 5 reps without any noticeable pain in that area.  During the second set of 5 I was starting to feel something in that spot but it was dull enough that it didn’t stop me.  Well on the third set coming out of rep 3 it popped and I dropped to the floor like I was just tasered.  It’s a very disconcerting feeling, like something shifts around or is breaking loose.  However after laying on the floor for a few seconds I was able to get up and do some other less intense core work.

When I got back to the office I looked up what vital organs are on that side of the body.  The liver seemed like a possible candidate due to it’s placement and size.  I really do like the challenge of doing dragon flags but the fact that the same pain came right back after months of not doing the movement is not a good sign.

I left a few minutes early, my motivation was sort of zapped along with the side pain.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

50 push ups

Dragon Flags x 5

Standing straight arm oblique rotations x 20

Dragon Flags x 5

Standing straight arm oblique rotations x 20

Dragon Flags x 3

Standing straight arm oblique rotations x 20

Hanging knee raises x 20

Dowel oblique rotations x 20

One arm dead hang x 30 sec (both arms)