Today I had a pleasant surprise when one of my Retro gym buddies showed up at Planet Fitness for the first time since Retro closed.  He has been going to the YMCA but just joined PF.  He wasn’t thrilled with the lack of free weights and benches but overall his impression was for $10 a month with no contract it isn’t bad at all.  It’s nice to have a few more of my gym buddies around so I can distract myself from the reality that I am patronizing the gym chain I dislike more than all others.

My shoulder and back work went well although it seemed short due to some extended talking side bars.

Today’s Work

5 minutes cardio/stretching

15 pull ups

Seated smith shoulder press – 70 lbs x 12, 110lbs x 10, 130lbs x 8, 160lbs x 1, 110lbs x 10

Cybex high to low row – 160lbs x 10, 200lbs x 10, 240lbs x 6

Low to high standing cable shoulder pull – 25lbs x 12, 35lbs x 10, 35lbs x 10