One is too much

Today as part of my shoulders routine I did wall handstand marching.  Basically while up against the wall you alternate lifting your hands so you are briefly supporting all of your bodyweight on one arm.  My first set was a mess as I had forgotten the rhythmic shifting of your center of balance back and forth in order to make the transition somewhat smooth.  Instead I was awkwardly slamming each hand to the ground to stop me from toppling to one side or the other.  I had not done this movement in at least a year, maybe two.  It’s the sort of movement that has benefits far beyond the shoulders, I need to keep it up.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Wall handstand x 60 sec

T-bar row – 135lbs x 10

Wall handstand march x 12

T-bar row – 160lbs x 10

Wall handstand march x 12

T-bar row – 180lbs x 8

Wall handstand march x 12

One arm dumbbell row – 70lbs x 10

Standing dumbbell shrug – 80lbs x 10

One arm dumbbell row – 80lbs x 10

Standing dumbbell shrug – 90lbs x 8

One arm dumbbell row – 90lbs x 8

Standing dumbbell shrug – 100lbs x 6

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