A couple weeks ago I started seeing a guy showing up at the gym that strikes me as somewhat odd.  The first thing is his attire is the same regardless of temperature outside, sweatpants and a large hoodie sweatshirt.  The sweatshirt is always worn with the hood up to enhance his Assassin’s Creed look and enhance his ability to ignore others.  The guy does not appear to be overweight so I am not sure why he is trying to sweat off extra water weight.

But the really odd thing is his workout which appears to be nothing but core, every day.  It isn’t a diverse core routine, the vast majority of it appears to be leg lifts on the ab board while wearing ankle weights.  For a half hour he did nothing but this movement.  Towards the end of my workout for some variety he did knee raises instead. Both of those movements are quality exercises but I don’t really understand doing nothing but these movements day in and day out.

I wasn’t thrilled doing lower body work today considering I am still walking with a slight limp.  Instead of doing the squat press at the beginning of the workout it got tacked on at the end.  I normally prefer doing compound lower body movements up front.  Doing them after fatiguing your legs with leg curls and extensions definitely affects your productivity.  I also had ROM issues because of swelling that still exists in my right knee.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Seated leg extensions – 100lbs x 10

Seated leg curls – 100lbs x 10

Standing calf raise – 205lbs x 10

Seated leg extensions – 115lbs x 10

Seated leg curls – 115lbs x 10

Standing calf raise – 250lbs x 10

Seated leg extensions – 130lbs x 10

Seated leg curls – 130lbs x 10

Standing calf raise – 295lbs x 8

Squat press – 225lbs x 10, 315lbs x 10, 405lbs x 8, 495lbs x 5