So things at Retro have not been looking all that rosy since they reopened approximately a year ago.  The adjacent retail space that was supposed to offer additional fitness services and classes is STILL not completed.  It originally was pegged to be opened in November, of 2015.  Upkeep on the place has been increasingly poor.  Cobwebs, complete with spiders have occupied corners of the gym for weeks and the equipment is poorly maintained with loose screws, missing parts, cracked seating surfaces, and bent bars being less an exception but the norm.  Of the 14 treadmills in the building, six of them are out of order, yes six.  Of the remaining eight, only half of them have all of their parts and a functioning tv.

Now normally the way to get this addressed is to complain to the franchise, in this case Retro Fitness which will in turn apply pressure to the local management/ownership to get the shit fixed.  However in this case I really don’t want to because I am afraid the gym is teetering on the verge of collapsing once again.  The inconvenience of not having a decent facility to work out at nearby out weighs the inconvenience of having to work around the poorly maintained equipment.

Today at the gym I got in my first run/ride brick in a couple months at least.  I recently have been loosely supporting the Movember movement where men are encouraged to grow facial hair to raise awareness regarding prostate cancer.  At this point the goatee on my face has been there about a week longer than I normally tolerate.  Having a clump of hair around your mouth is not a great thing for endurance training as it is just another thing to collect sweat.  Facial hair also pulls back the curtain to my true age as almost all the hair on my chin comes in gray at this point.  When I am clean shaven it is much easier to fudge my age as the hair on top of my head is still only sparsely populated by the silver invaders.

Today’s Workout

Run/ride brick

20 minute run – 2.07 miles

10 minute stationary bike ride – 3.11 miles