How long does it last, I hope you drop it in the urinal

When I read that one of the possible side effects of prednisone was weakness and lack of energy it explained why I generally felt lousy during my gym workouts during the two weeks I was on it.  What I don’t understand is now that I have been off it for around two weeks why my strength has not rebounded more.  Once again today I was weak doing shoulder and back work.  Hopefully I can shake this feeling off soon.

I had another moron incident at the gym today.  Before I got started I turned into the mens room to take a leak.  The one and only urinal in the bathroom was occupied by a guy who was obviously texting on his phone.  Ok, so I diverted into one of the toilets next to the urinal and relieved myself.   The entire time I heard no sounds of urination next door only texting notifications.  I flushed, came out of the toilet, washed my hands, and this person was still standing in front of the urinal, texting.

I couldn’t help myself and uttered “fcking idiot” as I walked out of the bathroom at a level he more than likely heard.  I assume he was so involved in his text conversation he hardly noticed.  I have already established how I feel about people that spend more time futzing on their phones than working out at the gym.  People that stand at the gym urinal for 5 minutes texting has set the ridiculous bar at a new level.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

Seated overhead barbell shoulder press – 95lbs x 10

Seated cable row – 150lbs x 10

Seated overhead barbell shoulder press – 115lbs x 8

Seated cable row – 165lbs x 10

Seated overhead barbell shoulder press – 135lbs x 2

Seated cable row – 180lbs x 10

Cybex lateral raise – 90lbs x 8

Lat pull down – 150lbs x 10

Cybex lateral raise – 90lbs x 8

Lat pull down – 165lbs x 10

Cybex lateral raise – 90lbs x 8

Lat pull down – 180lbs x 8

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