tumblr_ltg3dbPdtP1r5ntglo1_500[1]So once again today during my chest pushing session I felt weak with poor endurance.  I am still attributing it to my prednisone prescription which I thankfully should be done with by the end of the week.  It was prescribed to me as a possible aid in my right ear problem.  Although I haven’t noticed any significant improvement with the ear I have noticed that I have been sleeping like shit and my strength at the gym has tailed off significantly.

I struggled hard to get my 20 pull ups at the start of the workout and even harder pushing amounts of weight I have been able to coast with in the past.  I just worked until the edge of muscle failure, regardless of how much that edge has shifted downward.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

20 pull ups

Dumbbell chest press – 50lbs x 12, 70lbs x 10, 80lbs x 8, 90lbs x 3, 70lbs x 10

Pec dec – 130lbs x 10, 170lbs x 8, 190lbs x 5

Decline barbell bench press – 135lbs x 10, 185lbs x 5, 205lbs x 2