maxresdefault[1]It’s an odd thing as you use various equipment at a gym.  Because of various angles, pulleys and positions utilized, the same amount of weight on two machines can feel dramatically different.  I have described this before in the case of the one plate loaded shoulder press thing that I somehow am able to push 270 pounds plus overhead when I can only do a little more than half of that with a conventional barbell.

Because of my shoulder I still can not do any lower body exercises that put the weight across my shoulders.  I was going to do the Cybex plate loaded squat press but it was occupied.  I instead found myself on the Cybex pulley based squat machine.   It’s an odd piece of equipment where you are pushing the weight forward and slightly down while in the seated position.

On the plate loaded squat press I can do 600 pounds+.  On this pulley based unit I again maxed out at about half of that, struggling mightily to get a couple reps with 310 pounds on the stack.  As far as I can recall that was the first time I ever managed to get over 300 on that piece of equipment.  Anyway, my point is physics makes numbers mean much different things as you roll around a modern gym.

I definitely have had a little blowback in my surgical area from doing the light bench press work yesterday.  Last night I felt some minor tweaks that I am sure is related.  The stitches come out tomorrow morning thank goodness.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Cybex leg press – 190lbs x 10, 230lbs x 10, 270lbs x 8, 310lbs x 3

Cybex seated leg curl – 115lbs x 10, 130lbs x 8, 145lbs x 6

Cybex seated leg extension – 115lbs x 10, 130lbs x 8, 145lbs x 6

Seated calf raise – 180lbs x 10, 225lbs x 6, 225lbs x 6