Today I included side dips in my bicep/tricep work.  A side dip is like a regular bodyweight dip except at the bottom of the movement you shift your weight to alternating sides so you armpit is right next to your hand.  This creates an overload on whatever side you are leaning to in a big way.  After doing a set of 30 regular dips, two sets of 10 side dips was plenty to burn out my triceps.

I also did preacher dumbbell curls.  Having my arm in that position seems to amplify the stress on my arm joints and tendons tremendously.  At higher weight my reps stop because of joint discomfort instead of muscle failure.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Seated alternating dumbbell curls – 25lbs x 12

Bodyweight dips x 30

Seated alternating dumbbell curls – 40lbs x 10

Alternating side bodyweight dips x 10

Seated alternating dumbbell curls – 50lbs x 4

Alternating side bodyweight dips x 10

Dumbbell preacher curl – 25lbs x 10

Overhead dumbbell tricep extension – 60lbs x 10

Dumbbell preacher curl – 35lbs x 8

Overhead dumbbell tricep extension – 70lbs x 80

Dumbbell preacher curl – 40lbs x 4

Overhead dumbbell tricep extension – 80lbs x 5