561316_10152190192397841_106124517_nToday I brought my belt along to do weighted dips.  I topped off at 90lbs, struggling mightily to get a second rep.  When I was at the bottom of rep two, trying to keep pushing through the sticking point I used a mental image of my beloved dog Nicki who died last year.  Somehow that image taps into the emotion I still have trapped inside regarding her death.  In a fraction of a second I imagine that if I fail on this rep I would somehow be letting her down.

The vast majority of the time that is sufficient to give me drive to complete something difficult.  It may be an odd way to get that mental energy boost but it works.  I just wish my deep sadness from losing my furry child was not the energy source.


Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Seated alternating dumbbell curl – 25lbs x 12

Bodyweight dips x 20

Seated alternating dumbbell curl – 40lbs x 8

Bodyweight dips + 45lbs x 8

Seated alternating dumbbell curl – 50lbs x 5

Bodyweight dips + 70lbs x 5

Seated Cybex preacher curl – 70lbs x 10

Bodyweight dips + 90lbs x 2

Seated Cybex preacher curl – 90lbs x 8

Bodyweight dips + 45lbs x 9

Seated Cybex preacher curl – 110lbs x 5

Bodyweight dips x 20

Static pull up top position hold x 45 seconds

Bodyweight tricep extensions x 8

Static pull up top position hold x 45 seconds