Mr Turn That Shit Down, 5 pounds makes a difference

DJ-at-the-Gym[1]So although Mr Unsolicited hands out unrequested exercise tips like they are candy, overall he is a nice guy.  He won major points with me today when one of the girls behind the counter felt it necessary to crank up the hip hop music to near concert levels in the gym area.  Not only does loud music annoy normal gym patrons, it also evidently annoys senior gym trainers that are trying to train clients.  The music was so loud that he had to practically scream at the man he was training.  In less than 5 minutes after the music was turned up, Mr U marched up to the front desk and turned the shit down to tolerable levels.

His walk back to his client went right past where I was working.  I stopped him and thanked him for turning down the music.  I told him on multiple occasions I have complained about the music in the gym area being way too loud.  We briefly exchanged our views on the subject, agreeing there is absolutely no reason the music needs to be so fcking loud. People are there to work out, not rave.

I tried to venture into some new territory again today, trying to get 75 pound dumbbells overhead for seated shoulder press.  I got them to the starting position but I was unable to get them moving from the low, dead stop starting position.  I angrily plopped them back on the rack and grabbed the 70 pounders which were still very tough but I managed to squeeze out a couple reps. On the plate loaded Cybex pull down I had a total of around 280 pounds on it that I managed to squeeze two full ROM reps out of.  Pulling heavy on that is tough because the handles are thick and covered with rubber that bends and spins a bit as more pressure is applied to it.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Seated dumbbell shoulder press – 50lbs x 10

Wide low row with neutral grip – 100lbs x 10

Seated dumbbell shoulder press – 60lbs x 10

Wide low row with neutral grip – 120lbs x 8

Seated dumbbell shoulder press – 70lbs x 2

Wide low row with neutral grip – 140lbs x 5

One arm leaning lateral dumbbell raise – 20lbs x 12 (both arms)

Cybex plate loaded pull down – 150lbs x 12

One arm leaning lateral dumbbell raise – 25lbs x 10 (both arms)

Cybex plate loaded pull down – 235lbs x 10

One arm leaning lateral dumbbell raise – 30lbs x 8 (both arms)

Cybex plate loaded pull down – 280lbs x 2

Alternating skin the cat hold x 5


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