End of the rack

41AP3XQJDJL[1]There was a lot of straining in today’s workout.  It came courtesy of different movements.  The standing barbell shoulder press with 135 pounds had my face turning different shades of red.  The static skin the cat holds made me feel nauseous from the tension going across my chest in the extended position.  Finally when I grabbed the heaviest dumbbells in the gym, the 120 pounders, to do dumbbell rows it felt like the fibers in my back were starting to break loose.  I’m sure it will add up to a very sore Friday and Saturday.

Last night I took a step in my pull up progression, crossing the 20 rep mark, adding exactly one additional rep.  21 reps down, 9 to go.

Today’s Workout 

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Standing overhead barbell press – 95lbs x 10

Seated low row – 100lbs x 10

Standing overhead barbell press – 115lbs x 6

Seated low row – 120lbs x 8

Standing overhead barbell press – 135lbs x 2

Seated low row – 140lbs x 5

Static skin the cat hold – 20 sec x 3

Incline prone dumbbell back raise – 10lbs x 12

One arm bent over dumbbell row – 80lbs x 10

Incline prone dumbbell back raise – 15lbs x 10

One arm bent over dumbbell row – 95lbs x 8

Incline prone dumbbell back raise – 20lbs x 8

One arm bent over dumbbell row – 120lbs x 4



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