Lunked out

20150831_100930_fitness[1]Today was a core day with no big highlights other than getting a 61 push up set at the start of the workout.  I am trying to inch that number higher again once more.

I am expecting the gym to get much more crowded soon when a wave of former Planet Fitness customers roll in.  It appears that they have completed the homogenization process there by finally removing the few remaining bench press benches they had and replacing them with more dumb machines.

With no more olympic bars or benches the minority of PF attendees that actually tried to do more conventional weight training will have no choice but to migrate to Retro if they want to stay in the same general area geographically.  I’m not looking forward to more crowded floor conditions but hey, the lunks have to have somewhere to go.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

61 push ups

Hanging knee raises x 20

P-bar L sit x 10 seconds

Power tower L sit (one elbows) x 30 sec

Power tower L sit (one elbows) x 30 sec

P bar knee raises x 20

Standing one arm oblique 45lb raise x 10 (both sides)

P bar knee raises x 20

Roman chair back extensions x 15

Dowel standing trunk rotations x 20

Roman chair back extensions x 15

P bar L sit x 10

Static low dragon flag hold x 15 sec


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