Up and upside down, pain train is coming

03610[1]I felt strong last week doing the Cybex shoulder press so I wanted to see how it would translate this week in the seated barbell shoulder press.  Although the numbers were much smaller they were good for me.  I topped out with two slow and full ROM reps with 155 pounds on the bar.  I also pulled the 100 pounders doing bent over dumbbell rows so it was a productive session.

In the back of my mind I have been hoping I don’t hurt myself the last few days since I have scheduled to meet up with IronLoo at the world famous Stonepark on Sunday, our first full day in NYC.  I expect it to be a brutal yet memorable workout which no doubt will leave me walking around like an 80 year old the remaining three days we have in the city.

Oh, I weighed the hex bar at the gym.  It was heavier than the standard 45lb olympic bar but not by as much as I expected.  It checked in at 52 pounds meaning I failed trying to yank 412 pounds off the deck instead of 405, a small consolation.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Seated barbell shoulder press – 95lbs x 10

Cybex seated row – 110lbs x 10

Seated barbell shoulder press – 115lbs x 8

Cybex seated row – 170lbs x 10

Seated barbell shoulder press – 135lbs x 5

Cybex seated row – 230lbs x 6

Seated barbell shoulder press – 155lbs x 2

Australian pull ups with flying grip change x 8

Inverted bodyweight shoulder shrugs x 10

One arm bent over dumbbell rows – 90lbs x 10 (each arm)

Inverted bodyweight shoulder shrugs x 10

One arm bent over dumbbell rows – 100lbs x 6 (each arm)

Standing dumbbell straight arm alternating side/front raises – 20lbs x 12



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