11410255_476700209156629_621899343_n[1]So today was my first bench pressing session at the newly reopened RetroFitness.    My bench buddy showed up to push along with me.  The first thing I noticed was the olympic bar felt noticeably thicker than what I have been accustomed to pushing at Planet Fitness for the last 8-9 months.  It wasn’t a bad thing.

One thing that was bad was the volume of the music in the free weight area, a complaint that I had repeatedly with the gym in the past was a member.  When they have the volume up front at an acceptable level it translates into conversation drowning decibels in the rest of the gym. We practically had to yell to hear each other even when standing a few feet apart.  They have to get a handle on that quickly as it will quickly accelerate on my annoyance meter since it was a problem before.

I felt weak overall on the bench and my left shoulder still is giving me shots of pain if I hit the wrong combination of angles.  I barely got 235 pounds off my chest and my reps at lower weight numbers were below average.

I did some dumbbell pull overs afterward and they hurt my abs like crazy since they are still torn up from Friday’s dragon flags. The ab pain kept the amount of weight I was using down.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Barbell bench press – 135lbs x 10, 185lbs x 5, 225lbs x 1, 235lbs x 1, 225lbs x 2, 205lbs x 4, 185lbs x 8, 185lbs x 6, 185lbs x 5, 135lbs x 10 (dead stops)

Dumbbell pull overs – 55lbs x 10, 55lbs x 10, 55lbs x 10