5[1]So on my way home yesterday I stopped at the recently rebranded and relaunched RetroFitness, which was my gym stomping grounds for over 5 years.  I was happy with what I saw, the place looked clean, bright, and refreshed.  I talked to the manager, who was also the manager before it closed.  You normally would think this was a bad thing but in this case he was handcuffed by the old ownership which was lousy.  The outlook now is much brighter with the new owner investing money into the gym and even buying out the adjacent vacant space to add even more stuff. I always preferred the equipment available to me at Retro to both the Wellness Center and Planet Fitness so it’s pretty much a no brainer for me to flip back.

I checked into what cancellation charges I would incur at Planet Fitness since I was on the $10 a month plan which includes a one year contract.  I joined last February so I have a few months to go.  If I quit immediately there would be a $60 charge.  Well if I just pay my 10 bucks a month for the four remaining months (October already charged to me), I would actually wind up paying slightly less since the cancellation fee is waived at that point, weird.  I will probably join Retro next week and work out there exclusively unless my gym buddy doesn’t follow me to Retro, which I think he will.

I think I will be switching up my routine when I get back into Retro. Right now my routine looks like this most weeks. Mon – chest, Tues – Lower body, Wed – Cardio brick, Thurs – combo of bi’s tri’s shoulders, Fri – mostly core

I feel like I am not getting enough resistance work in favor of doing legs/cardio.  I’d rather try to get a good cardio session in over the weekend and use that extra day to give more resistance work to body parts.  I feel like right now I am only doing barely enough to maintain what I have, which isn’t all that impressive.

My lower body was super sore from legs day combined with the brick yesterday.  My workout today reflected both that and less time due to discussing cancellation options with Planet Fitness staff.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

60 second wall handstand hold

Seated overhead dumbbell press – 40lbs x 10

Seated dumbbell bicep curls – 30lbs x 12

Seated one arm overhead tricep extension – 20lbs x 10

Seated overhead dumbbell press – 55lbs x 6

Seated dumbbell bicep curls – 40lbs x 8

Seated one arm overhead tricep extension – 25lbs x 10

Seated overhead dumbbell press – 65lbs x 1

Seated dumbbell bicep curls – 50lbs x 4

Seated one arm overhead tricep extension – 30lbs x 8

10 pull ups

60 second wall handstand

Standing behind the back shoulder shrugs – 225lbs x 10, 315lbs x 5