bench_1[1]As I was working through multiple bench press sets I heard very loud and irritated yelling from the back corner of the gym.  I looked that direction expecting to see two guys arguing about who stepped in front of who to use a machine.  Instead I saw some guy that looked like he was straight off the cast of Jersey Shore screaming at someone on his phone.  It was literally loud enough that the entire gym could hear him.  He completed his douchebag imagery by lighting up a cigarette the second he stepped out the door of the gym.

So today my gym buddy and I were scheduled to begin our good natured bench press competition.  I have known Derek forever, dating back to my days at Powerhouse Gym in the early 2000’s.  We have always been at similar levels bench press wise.  Before I left Royal Fitness he and I had started another competition that saw our one rep max get up to 240 pounds. (I am currently at 220-225 on a good day)  So anyway, since we both have found ourselves now at Planet Fitness we have renewed the competition starting today.

At first it looked like bench pressing was off the menu completely as two guys were slogging around on both benches for a long period of time. Derek and I went over and did three sets of dumbbell chest press, maxing out with 10 reps with 75’s the highest weight dumbbell PF has.  After the 3rd set we saw the benches were free so we hopped back over there.

Normally our bench work will always include a 1RM attempt.  With us pre-fatiguing ourselves with the dumbbells we weren’t going to be doing any one rep maxxing, we kept the weight lower, not exceeding 185 pounds, a little more than what both Derek and I weigh.  This friendly rivalry is a good thing for both of us, I fought through and completed reps I never would dare attempt on my own, driven to beat Derek’s number each time by one if possible.   I am competitive after all.

I managed to beat or equal him on most every set and on ties I still gave myself the slight nod because I was doing full extension reps where Derek sometimes will drop into fast and very short “d-ball” (short for dynabol) reps  where the elbows never extend past a 90 degree angle.  Regardless, having us work against yet supporting each other should be a positive thing for our numbers moving forward and upward.

My chest is going to be incredibly sore the next two days.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes stretching

Dumbbell flat bench press 60lbs x 11, 65lbs x 10, 75lbs x 10

Barbell bench press – 135lbs x 10, 185lbs x 8, 185lbs x 6, 185lbs x 6, 185lbs x 5, 185lbs x 5, 135lbs x 10