brick-head_1365634i[1]As I mentioned yesterday I had a sharp pain in my bad right knee as I was switching positions on the kneeling leg curl machine. I was worried I once again did some sort of meniscus damage, an unfortunate habit of mine.  Initially I had a bad limp but as the day went on that subsided.

I was worried I would wake up this morning with a blown up, swollen knee.  I can feel I have some inflammation in there along with mild pain but not, pick up the phone and call the orthopedist type of pain.

Of course my planned running portion of my training brick today was shelved.  Prolonged impact exercise would just be foolish the day after that sort of injury.  My hope is within a few days the swelling/discomfort  will subside and I can resume pounding the pavement.

Today’s Workout

Training Brick – 20 minute row – 10 minute stationary bike

20 minutes on liquid rower – 4390 meters covered

10 minutes stationary bike – 3.9k covered