PHE1352[1]So I am still having pain in my right shoulder doing pushing movements which I source to my foray into decline bench press last week.  I think I did something relatively serious which for now I am going to just address by abstaining from anything that hurts.  Luckily pull ups fits that “doesn’t hurt” category.

I did a repetitive yet old school workout today, nothing but pull ups.  In total I racked up 140 pull ups during my session which was broken into one set of 20 followed by lots of sets of 5.  It was the most pull ups I have racked up in one session in a very long time.  As is often the case when I do high reps I actually got a second wind after 50 or so pull ups, my reps were more explosive. I think my back will be screaming tomorrow.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

140 pull ups – broken into initial set of 20 reps followed by 24 sets of 5 reps