70_1[1]So I wanted to start my workout with a set of 50 push ups, something I haven’t done in quite awhile.  Well as soon as I started I was getting a shooting pain down my right shoulder so I bailed after rep 5.  I can only assume the pain is related to Monday, specifically the decline bench pressing.  When you take the weight off the rack in that configuration you wind up awkwardly bringing the bar from around your eyeballs down to the point where it is centered over your chest.  When I did that with 215 I recall feeling a tweak that was not normal.  So I guess pushing movements were off the menu.

I filled in with various exercise but overall it didn’t feel like a very cohesive workout. I did get 50 pull ups across only 3 sets which is not bad.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

5 push ups

20 pull ups

20 hanging knee raises

15 pull ups

20 dowel rod rotary torso twists

20 straight leg raises (on elbows)

500 foot VMX rope pull in 3:25 – avg pace 145 ft a minute

Single arm extended plank hold – 20 seconds each arm

15 pull ups

20 hanging knee raises