FYIJRSKGUAM5F8S.MEDIUM[1]Today at the gym I saw a couple things that were noteworthy.  The first was a guy doing side raises with weight.  I will do these from time to time where I hold a 45 pound plate in one hand and then use my core to raise and lower the weight in a controlled manner to my side.  Well this guy was using a 25 pound plate for his raises, which is fine.  The odd thing was he had a plate in both hands totally negating the benefit of a side raise.  Instead he turned himself into more or less of a human scale, bravo.

The second thing that caught my attention was the loud clang when a guy that was doing bench press on the smith machine misjudged his head clearance when laying on the bench.  After barking out in pain his next reaction was to quickly scan the gym floor to see who witnessed his DOH moment.  He wasn’t thrilled to see me looking at him.  I have done the exact same maneuver myself when doing something foolish at the gym, look for witnesses first, worry about the pain after.

I had a very laborious weekend which included a 5K on the track yesterday for good measure.  Perhaps this is why I just felt like I didn’t have it at the gym today.  Working out felt like a chore which isn’t a feeling that lends itself to PR’s.  I pushed and pulled through the workout regardless.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

16 pull ups

Barbell bench press 135lbs x 12

10 pull ups

Barbell bench press 185lbs x 8

10 pull ups

Barbell bench press 205lbs x 3

10 pull ups

Barbell bench press 215lbs x 1

10 pull ups

Barbell bench press 135lbs x 15

Decline dumbbell chest press 60lbs x 10

Decline dumbbell chest press 70lbs x 8