squat-fail[1]So today on my second rep at 225lbs on the squat rack I almost had a fail like I did yesterday benching.  My momentum had stopped momentarily and I was in that split second decision making mode if I was going to fight (keep trying) or flee (drop the bar onto the rack).  I decided to fight but barely survived as my form broke badly and my back pitched forward.  Yep, I will be feeling that one tomorrow.

I also did the seated rotary calf machine today, a machine I used to like when it was at a gym I used to frequent.  You are seated with your legs nearly extended in front of you.  The balls of your feet go against a small platform that you rotate, trying to use exclusively your calf muscles to do so.  It felt like it did a great job of isolating my calves.

I also realized how stupidly big my feet look when I wear my new Chuck Taylors to work out.  I mean it looks simply ridiculous.  When I wear them with something like jeans it helps to disguise the disturbing visual but with shorts and stub socks there is nothing to hide the two big blue pontoons slapped on the end of my stork legs.

Today’s Workout

5 minutes cardio/stretching

Barbell squat – 135lbs x 10, 185lbs x 7, 205lbs x 4, 225lbs x 2, 135lbs x 10

Deadlift – 225lbs x10, 315lbs x 5, 355lbs x 1

Unilateral leg extension – 50lbs x 10, 70lbs x 10

Unilateral kneeling leg curl – 50lbs x 10, 70lbs x 10

Seated rotary calf – 110lbs x 10, 120lbs x 10